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Attorneys In Orange County And Riverside CA

Charles Kenyon, Esq.
Founder/Managing Partner

  • Pepperdine University School of Law - JD cum laude
  • Dartmouth College - BA Economics
  • Former Award Winning Deputy District Attorney - Riverside District Attorney
  • Founded Kenyon Law Group (Formerly Kenyon & Cianfrani) in 1997

Charles Kenyon was a former Prosecutor of the Year before opening his own office. He founded his practice with the idea that EVERYONE deserves the best representation available when faced with criminal charges. He has maintained that principle while representing hundreds of people accused of all types of offenses. Mr. Kenyon specializes in jury trials, where his record is outstanding in both felony and misdemeanors cases. Since 2005 he has handled over 1000 misdemeanors and 500 felony matters ranging from DUI's, to narcotics, to felony assault, and even murder cases. Attorneys in Orange County strives to prove innocence of their clients. .

Michael James Schaaf, Esq.
Attorney/Of Counsel

  • John F. Kennedy School of Law
  • University of Hawaii - BA Political Science
  • Former Deputy District Attorney - Riverside District Attorneys
  • Former Deputy Public Defender - Riverside Public Defenders
  • Affiliated with Kenyon Law Group since 2009

Mr. Schaaf has over 25 years of practice experience and has a reputation which is virtually unmatched. As a former District Attorney and Public Defender, Mr. Schaaf has the rare perspective having seen of both sides of the law. He has conducted hundreds of felony and misdemeanors jury trials and preliminary hearings in his 25+ years of practice. Mr. Schaaf is truly recognized as one of the best trial attorneys throughout the Inland Empire where he has consistently won acquittals on all levels of cases.

Timothy Vo, Esq.
Attorney/Of Counsel

  • Whittier School of Law
  • University of California - BA Political Science
  • Affiliated with Kenyon Law Group since 2012
  • Fluent in both English and Vietnamese

Tim Vo is the newest attorney with the Kenyon Law Group. He has specializes in DUI's, Misdemeanors, and Felony Preliminary Hearings where he has handled cases throughout Southern California. While many attorneys gain experience simply by "practicing" alone, Mr. Vo has also become a specialist in DUI law and regulations by regularly attending numerous seminars and DUI trainings statewide to keep up on the constantly changing laws. Mr. Vo is one of the rising stars of criminal defense in Orange and Riverside County.

The attorneys in orange county offer vast resources to clients and their efforts provide the clients with finest legal representation. They have significant experience in representing cases related to felony and misdemeanors. It is judicious decision to hire aggressive and competent attorneys in riverside ca who can shield the rights of client. They are always standing beside the client advocating on their behalf. The top priority of attorneys in riverside ca is to explore the possibilities that can be used to defend clients from allegations charged against them.

The attorneys in riverside ca have earned reputation for their outstanding services. The experience and alertness of a competent attorney is a guarantee for client that difficult time would get over very soon. The attorneys in riverside ca have helped many alleged offenders who were accused for conducting serious offences