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California Misdemeanors are crimes punishable by up to one year in county jail. They can also carry significant fines, law enforcement registration requirements, community service hours, mandatory classes, drug testing, search terms, and up to 5 years of probation. Being charged with a misdemeanor can affect employment and promotional opportunities, state certifications, driving privileges, and immigration status. Charles Kenyon has successfully defended misdemeanor cases throughout Southern California.

Kenyon Law Group will put a seasoned criminal defense attorney in your corner. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, and former Misdemeanor Prosecutor of the Year, I have personally handled hundreds of misdemeanor cases. The best approach on a misdemeanor defense is to aggressively defend yourself and to actively begin negotiation your case immediately.This can often prevent a case from even being filed and avoid a battle in court. We will scrutinize any police investigation and be sure the prosecution understands your perspective before deciding to file charges. By contacting Charles Kenyon today, you can have your day in court on your terms, rather than being on the defensive.

Even if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor, Kenyon Law Group can have the conviction expunged andclear your record of the charges. If you are on probation, we can also petition the court for an early termination of probation and dismissal of the charges.

Recent Misdemeanor Case Results

D.C. (Orange County): Arrested for Domestic Battery –Result: Case Dismissed
S.B. (Orange County): Assault with a Deadly Weapon –Result: Case Rejected by District Attorney
D.S. (Los Angeles): Arrested 3 times on a total of 10 counts of Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment, and Contempt of Court. Result: Jury Acquittal
D.C. (Orange County): Restraining Order Violation. Result: Case Rejected by District Attorney
A.A. (Riverside): Operating an Illegal Gambling Enterprise. Result: Case Dismissed
N.C. (Riverside): Auto Burglary. Result: Case Dismissed
J.T. (Riverside): Assault and Burglary. Result: Jury Acquittal
N.W. (Riverside): Brandishing a Weapon. Result: Case Dismissed
C.W. (Orange County): 0.18% BAC - DUI with accident. Result: Dry Reckless